Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Book the Best Snow Vacation, EVER!

Here's a fun Q and A to to answer some of those FAQ'S...
Q: When is the best time to book my next snow vacation?

A: As soon as you know your schedule and how many people you are traveling with.  Lodging choices at the snow resorts are not abundant like beach resorts or big city convention hotels.  Also, there are lots of 'early booking' discounts.  Last, if you need to cancel, penalties are minimal with advanced notice; so there's lots to gain and little to lose by planning early.. Here's some great lodging suggestions.

Q: How do I get discounted lift tickets? 
A: Be sure to order your lift tickets with your lodging. Look for an EARLY BOOKING or STAY FREE / SKI FREE promotional lodging / lift package; you will pay more if ordered separately.  Lodging / lift inclusive packages typically give 15% - 40% off your total for both. Snow Sport Vacations specializes in discounted lodging / lift ticket packages. Lift Rates

Q: How do I pick the right snow resort for me? 
A: Ask an expert!  At Snow Sport Vacations, the agents know snow!  They know the differences between the resorts and can help you with budget, ease of access, best amenities for families, singles, or business outings and which resort best suits YOU!  We will spend the time needed to customize your snow vacation for each member of your group or family.  Ski Resorts

Q: When should I travel to get the best deal?
A: Early December and early April will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  However, there are great deals from early January until mid-February and then again in early March.  Mid-week stays can be cost-effective, too.  If you can, avoid the school breaks ie. Christmas - New Years, President's Week, and Spring Break in late March.  You will get the best value if you can stay at least 4-nights, as longer stays always give better deals, especially on your lift tickets. Book Early Lodging Promotions

Q: What should I include in my package to help save money?

A: To plan a complete, best value, snow vacation package, you should always include flights, accommodations, airport transfers or your car rental, lift tickets, and equipment rentals. Vehicle rental rates typically go up as you approach your travel dates, so lock-in your price right away. Walk-up' rates on lifts and equipment rentals can be at least 20% higher when you get there.  Be early; be thorough.

Have fun out there!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It’s all about communication

Isn’t this what you hear about good relationships? Relationships and marriages only work if you communicate with your partner? Apparently, this also goes for your business relationships. I experienced this to be true!
The more I communicate with my clients, the more I get to know them and the better I can serve them.
Sooo…let’s communicate and get to know each other.


Here are some facts you might want to know about me:
I have worked for Snow Sport Vacations for almost a year. Before that I have mainly been in the hotel industry. I am originally from Germany and studied Tourism and Leisure Management in the Netherlands where I graduated 2 years ago.
I try to treat my clients the same way I want to be treated. That said I want to be honest with them as well as fair. I am not going to lie to you about locations or how beautiful a hotel is if it’s really not.  I am not going to send you somewhere when I know this isn’t the right place for you.

But to know which is the right place for you, I need to get to know you.  Here are a few things that help me to steer you in the right direction:
  • -       Where will you be traveling from?
  • -       Will you be driving or flying?
  • -       Are you on a budget or have you saved up a bit more for this trip?
  • -       Are you planning on going skiing/snowboarding only or do you want to explore town as well?
  • -       Are you a beginner/intermediate/expert skier/snowboarder?
  • -  How many people will be in your party? How many bedrooms will you need? What bed configuration?
  • -       Do you want to be close to the slopes or are you fine taking a shuttle every morning?
  • -       Do you want certain amenities like a kitchen, fireplace, hot tub, etc.?

Just a few questions but a lot of information! It really helps to get a feeling for what you expect during your vacation. The Snow Sports team will be able to provide you with a much better custom vacation package.

So lets start communicating! Email me if you are interested in a ski vacation!

I look forward hearing from you,


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tupperware and Cyber Conversations

As part of my job, I am delegated to find out what my customers' want.  Then, I am supposed to create conversations??? through various social media channels ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  The experts tell the business practitioners "Don't create content like you are advertising. Create relationships. Socialize. Contribute to chat groups.and TALK about all kinds of stuff."
They go on to say: "Remember the Tupperware parties from the old days?" Well, not really if you are any age under 60, but regardless. Those ladies didn't sell Tupperware per say, but they fed you coffee and cake, and you wanted Tupperware.  And that's exactly how I should sell you your next mountain vacation, haha!

On behalf of being the exemplary student that I am, I must follow the advice of my expert educators. I now spend time exploring comments in various forums on sites such as Trip Advisor.  My mission is to gain further enlightenment about what my customers are chatting about and what they might want next time they visit the mountains. Fair enough.... This is an easy task. Haha again.

What have I learned? EVERYBODY IS AN EXPERT! People giving and taking advice right and left.  It's very noisy out there....

There's no penalty for giving bad advice. They can't find you.
The comments about bad stuff are longer than the comments about good stuff.
Nobody can make teenagers happy on a family vacation.
Lots of people need driving directions.
There are many varied definitions for the word 'beginner'.


Now, I must take this invaluable information and sell someone a ski vacation??  Just like Tupperware, so they say.  Never again will I steer the conversation to anything pertinent such as snow conditions, suitable resorts, convenient and reasonably priced flights, activities for non-skiers, kids programs!! Just stick to coffee and cake and it'll all work out.

To all those who are equally 'over-socialized',