Thursday, November 17, 2016

Where's the Snow, Uh Oh!

The current gossip is about delayed resort openings, no snow (ouch!) and we hesitate to 'pull-the-trigger'...  As we often say in our business, "Chill out!"

I'm sitting at my desk in Vail, Colorado.  It's snowing right now... a little..... but the forecast is looking good!

Definitely a little late this year.. But we are OK!  Believe me!

I've lived in Vail for 3 decades and have skied thousands of days on Vail Mountain, as well as most all of the other snow resorts in this region.  
There are the VERY special days where I've been blinded by powder shots. (Those are the marketing photos we always show you, hey!) 

And then there are the 'blue-bird', sunny days (We show you lots of these photos, too. Usually these are the ones with the kiddies.)

But, there are the other days...  Sometimes the snow is hard, sometimes it is soft, sometimes it is thick with sun-melt, and sometimes there are bare spots...  These days can probably be coined 'typical'.

However, there just always seems to be enough, and it always good... just different degrees of 'good'. Not to worry.

Let's compare this to other vacation spots... The beach is probably one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.  But, have you been there on a windy day?  How about rain?  Hey, there's even hurricane season.  I can't ever recall a hurricane warning on a ski day.

Now, let's consider the reality of the day you were making your plans versus executing your plan. Even if you are a 'last minute' trip-planner, the weather and snow conditions are likely not consistent from time of booking until the time you get here. I agree the the 'base' measurement of snow is indicative of the cumulative volume of snow fall during the season, and thus tends to differentiate a 
great snow year from an average (or less) snow year.

But REALLY, does it matter how deep the snow is under your feet when you only need the very top to ski or ride on?

And what's under your feet is truly a 'last minute' outcome. C'mon, we all know that snow conditions change from morning till afternoon in any single day!

Summarily, please.... let's relinquish the doubt.  The reality is that there is virtually ALWAYS enough snow for you to have a great day.  It's just a matter of 'how great'... Count on lots of lifts open, a more than decent variety of terrain, and no shortages of challenges, as you wish.  They wouldn't have built them so BIG if the risk was so great :-)

Remember, we are also great for non-ski activities.. spas, snowshoeing, restaurants, snowmobiling, shopping, hot tubs, cocktails, nightlife, kids clubs, and so on..  I am confident that we won't disappoint.  

Thanks for the business.  We hope to hear from you soon.  We'll help you get it right!