Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How Much Does A Ski Vacation REALLY Cost?

We published this article last year and we have found it to be one of the most popular and VERY INFORMATIVE!!
Here's realistic snow vacation budget guidelines... ENJOY!  J

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Ski destination vacations can be complicated to put together.  You need 'stuff' that you don't need for a city tour, or a beach, etc.  My intention here is to make sure we've covered ALL of your needs and costs, set your budget up accurately, and avoid future surprises. I hope this helps! :-)

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Realistically, every snow destination vacation requires that you buy 3-5 MANDATORY components.
The 'unavoidable 3' are lodging, lift tickets, and equipment.  The last 2 'likely' items will be flight and airport transfer. (Those who might drive their own vehicle can be excluded from these last ones.) For the sake of being as inclusive and accurate as possible, we will quote pricing for a 5-component vacation.

(1) Flight: You've got to get from your hometown and to the destination.  Based on arriving to some of the major snow destination airports such as Denver, Salt Lake City or Reno, budget no less than $325 per ticket.  There are lots of ways to make this higher, but probably not much lower.

(2) Airport Transfer or Car RentalThere are several options to bring you from the plane to your resort which include shuttles, rental cars, private limos and possibly even a complimentary ride from your lodging supplier.  But, it is best to budget $150 minimum round trip fare per person, which will cover an entry-level budget.

(3) Lodging This is where you have the most flexibility and costs will vary, depending on how much you want to spend.  For the sake of quoting minimums, you really need about $75 per person per night, based on 2 people staying in a well-located, modest and comfortable accommodation within a short distance from the lifts.

(4) Lift Tickets The best deals on lift tickets are found by purchasing a lodging/lift inclusive package.  Although the lift ticket rates can vary substantially from resort to resort, it is wise to budget about $85 daily per adult.

(5) Equipment Rentals You can skip this one if you own your own gear, yay! Plan on about $35 daily to get you a decent package of skis (or snowboard) boots, and poles.

SOOOO....  Let's get a total based on a 4-night, 3-day snow destination vacation for 2 people, who will share a hotel room close to the base of the lifts and resort village.

The knowledgeable team at Snow Sport is well-armed to offer you the best value, most hassle free, vacation out there! We can't wait to hear from you soon.
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