Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Thanksgiving Tale

To our Friends and Family,

The staff at Snow Sport would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday.  May your journey forever exceed your expectations and your dreams always be realized.

Please enjoy the following 'Thanksgiving Story' forwarded to us by one of our friends from Vail earlier today.

With Best Wishes,

The Staff at Snow Sport

A young man named John received a parrot as a gift. The parrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary.

Every word out of the bird's mouth was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity. John tried and tried to change the bird's attitude by consistently saying only polite words, playing soft music and anything else he could think of to 'clean up' the bird's vocabulary.

Finally, John was fed up and he yelled at the parrot. The parrot yelled back. John shook the parrot and the parrot got angrier and even more rude. John, in desperation, threw up his hands, grabbed the parrot and put him in the freezer. For a few minutes the parrot squawked and kicked and screamed. Then suddenly there was total quiet. Not a peep was heard for over a minute.

Fearing that he'd hurt the parrot, John quickly opened the door to the freezer. The parrot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms and said "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions. I'm sincerely remorseful for my inappropriate transgressions and I fully intend to do everything I can to correct my rude and unforgivable behavior."

John was stunned at the change in the bird's attitude. As he was about to ask the parrot what had made such a dramatic change in his behavior, the bird spoke-up, very softly, "May I ask what the turkey did?"


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Buy it From Us and Not Them

We are all out there trying to attract you.. We want to get your attention and then sell you stuff that you can get anywhere.  But, we think you must get it from us or it's just not as good.
Sound familiar??  Does this happen in your profession as well?  It's just the way things are, right?

So..... here's our story.  Of course, we think our reasons are quite sound, and we hope you'll ultimately agree.  We absolutely can do it cheaper, save you time, and therefore provide the best value snow vacation possible.

Here's how we can help you most...

1.  Special deals.  We get regular communication notices of virtually ALL snow destination promotions.

2.  More connections.  The snow industry is a small one.  The professionals from the destination resorts work well together and we are in the best seat to negotiate, locate that 'extra' room, waive a minimum stay policy, find you that extra discount... or whatever.

3. Extra favors.  "Do you want to haggle with me or your computer", as one of our team members so clearly states? Talk to a live person invested in your vacation, and you will get results.

4. Save money. More often than not, your snow vacation costs less if we do it than if you had put it together on your own.  This results from our expertise and ability to evaluate product need and best value.

5. Save time.  Do you want to sort through ALL of that information on the web, or have one of us show you only the pertinent material?

So next time, give us a shout.  We'll get it right for you!

The snow is in and more to come!
Have a look at Vail's "Sounds of Winter" 

See you soon!
The Gang at Snow Sport

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Snow in the Alps Yay!

The snow season has arrived!!!
Take a look at these fabulous before and after photos in Ischgl, Austria.  Looks like we are on the verge of a great snow year in the Alps.
Remember your Epic Pass will take care of your lifts in both Verbier, Switzerland and 3 Vallees, France.  Plan that BIG snow vacation trip today!


                         What a difference a day makes!  This week... Tuesday v Wednesday!

To all...
Have a great snow day! :-)


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Did you get to see the Blood Moon?

Wednesday Morning, Vail CO.....

Our team is working hard in preparation for the upcoming snow season.  We are forever learning about new features and improvements at the various resorts... Hopefully to share with all of you sometime soon...
Have a look at the cool 'express' webpages that summarize all of our different snow resorts with fast facts, photos, and great summaries.

When reading my emails this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very cool photo from a friend who captured a shot of last night's Blood Moon.  Wherever we all are, we can share the same sight! So cool!!!!  It's a small world and that means your favorite snow destination is not far away!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Snow Today!

Hello Fall - Winter!

Living in a resort community generates some unique conversation.  How often do you ask.. or even bet... When the first snow will fall?  We speak of it all the time.  Radio stations even have contests with giveaways to those who have the closest guess of the first snow and number of inches.
Funny, the answer remains ever unpredictable... I've seen photos as early as September 8th and as late as October 20th.
Whenever it comes though, it is exciting.  When the snow comes early and the autumn leaves are yet to fall, the resulting photos are spectacular!
Enjoy today's photo from the Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail.  It's pretty special when this view is just part of a 'normal' day!



Friday, September 12, 2014

Park City is Now Epic and Sooo Easy to Get to...

Snow Sport offers the best deals for Park City Lodging. AND... no extra charge for great advice from our experienced agents and exemplary, prompt customer service!
Check it out: 

There's no better time to purchase your season pass than now! The iconic resort of Park City in Utah is now part of the Epic family. This addition expands the collection of legendary mountains offered on the Epic Pass to 22 with more than 32,000 acres for the 2014-15 season. In addition, access to Park City is also included on the Epic 4-Day, Epic 7-Day, and Epic Local Pass this season.
Epic Pass: Epic Pass holders will now have unlimited, unrestricted access to Park City.

Epic 7-Day: Epic 7-Day holders will be able to use their days at Park City.

Epic 4-Day: Epic 4-Day holders will be able to use their days at Park City.

Epic Local Pass: The Epic Local Pass will have access to Park City. Exact details about restrictions will be released at a later date.

About Park City: Park City offers terrain for every type of skier and snowboarder. Located in the heart of historic Park City, Utah - one of the country's greatest ski towns - Park City was named the fifth best resort in North America by readers of SKI Magazine in 2014.

The fastest, simplest way to get your Epic Pass: 

See you on the hill!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Didn't Have Enough Yet? More Spring Snow Fun

It looks like everyone doesn't want all this remaining snow to go to waste...
Resorts staying open...
Crested Butte
Alpine Meadows
Winter Park
and more.....

How about a 'different' spring activity this weekend and revert back to winter - sunshine warm days and great soft snow to play in?!

See you there soon...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Colorado’s EPIC season isn’t over YET!!!!!!!!! (and we are already thinking about next year!!)

The sunny days and smells of Spring may have us thinking about flip flops and warmer temps but for several Colorado’s ski towns the snow season is still BOOMING!!  February and March snowfalls have ski area bases at WAY above average levels enabling resorts to stay open into late April and even early May!!  The resorts that have announced extensions are: Copper, Breckenridge, Winter Park (all three closing April 27th) and Aspen Mountain (Ajax) which is staying open until May 4th!! For all the resorts the extensions are weekends only but the snow should be amazing until the last lift turns!!

We are looking forward to some time on our own Beaver Creek this weekend, Spring conditions do exist and snow is getting a little heavier so do your squats and bring your sunscreen!!

Just in time for the excitement of this season’s end Vail Resorts has released Epic Pass prices for 2014/15.  All of the unrestricted Passes have 6 Buddy Passes included for purchases made by April 13th!  For just $49 down you can secure your Epic Passes for next year!  Just click on the Epic Pass logo on our home page!

Come on powder hounds, the time is NOW to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Powder Day

Hey All,

Our 'computer repair guy' was hiding the other morning....  But he left a trail, ha!  Maybe the computer doesn't work so well today but does it really matter???!!!

Have fun out there!  J

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunny Warm Days Give Way to MORE SNOW!!

This has CERTAINLY turned out to be quite the ski season so far!  Three months in and every Colorado resort has at least FIVE FEET of base snow!
Early February blessed us time and time and time again with amazing amounts of snow!  The mid month gave us some sunny but cooler days and the tail end of February mixes those warmer temperatures with even MORE snowfall for perfect pre-Spring ski conditions!
We took advantage of the early February powder days and logged some SERIOUS time on Vail and Beaver Creek mountains where the conditions were fantastic, the crowds were lights and all the runs and glades were open!  The snow coupled with lift ticket and lodging deals brought the last minute powder hounds out for some weekend getaways and Presidents week staycations!!
The unbelievable part is.........wait for it...........we still have TWO MONTHS of ski season left!!!
Has your February been filled with tons of snow that you can't do anything with?  Have cold temperatures and gloomy, cloudy days got you longing for somewhere filled with sun and FUN?  Then maybe you need to THINK COLORADO!!
March is traditionally one of our snowiest months in the Rockies and with a yearly average of 320 sunny days you cannot go wrong with a Colorado Snow Sport Vacation!  We get new lodging deals everyday and love to pass the savings on to you!!  Stay more days and get a better discount on lodging and ski through the end of this ski season!  Send us an inquiry or call us today we are excited to make your perfect Snow Sport Vacation happen!!   -J

Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Great Fun!!

This month we've had great snow, great sun and all is fun.  Here's one of our locals 'in the midst'.
Tell us your best ski / ride story!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014

We hope you had a great holiday....

Lots of cold weather and challenges to travelers, but we did it this time and we'll probably do it again next year.. right??? Of course, yes.. right!

Ironic as it was, the snow resorts were laden with snowy nights and sunny days.  Some of the best holiday skiing and riding in years.  Not too cold either.  How'd we do it?? We have NO IDEA!!  Just lucky, I suppose, when most of the rest of the US 48 were inundated with cold, ice and snow... most often very good news for our world! :-)

Looking forward, let's wish one another a great 2014!  Here's our favorite pik from the holidays.. Beaver Creek, New Year's Eve.

With Best Wishes,