Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It’s cold, but SO much snow, yeah!

Everything seems to be aligning well for a great snow year…. As I look out my window, I see white everywhere, from the streets to the rooftops and beyond.  The skiing and riding is great, especially considering it is only mid December.

I guess if it wasn’t about money, everyone would come, right!!  Haha… welcome to the ‘Real World’.
We are always trying to stay competitive and be certain to give the best deal and best value out there. You can trust that we are watching your back. And this week we found a great article in Huff Post Travel that gives great advice on how you can still take that snow vacation and save $. From equipment deals, to discounted lift tickets, multi-component packages, smart luggage decisions, cheap dining, off-peak weeks, and smaller resorts… we can help with all.  Take a look, and plan a snow trip!  We hope to see you here soon!

Great New Terrain Open in Vail, CO Dec. 6th, 2013